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Gurgaddi Divas Guru AmarDas (3 Vaisakh 16 Apr)

Gurgaddi Divas Guru AmarDas (3 Vaisakh 16 April)

Soon large numbers of Sikhs started flocking to Goindwal to see the new Guru. Meanwhile, going against his father's wishes, Datu one of Guru Angad's sons proclaimed himself as Guru at Khadur following his father's death. He was so jealous of Guru Amar Das that he, with a small group of his supporters, Datu Kicked

Proceeded to Goindwal to confront the Guru. Upon seeing Guru Amar Das seated on a throne surrounded by his followers he said, "You were a mere menial servant of the house until yesterday; how dare you style yourself as the Master?” At that point, Datu kicked the aged Guru Amardas ji so hard that he fell to the floor. Taking the seat of the Master he then proclaimed himself Guru to the assembly of Sikhs. The Sangat must have been shocked as this not only flew against Guru Angad's wishes, but against centuries of respect that the people of India and the Punjab had for their elders, to kick the revered Guru was indeed - shocking.

Guru Amar Das, however, in utter humility, righted himself and caressed Datu's foot saying, "I am old and my bones have grown very hard, I fear they have hurt your tender foot. " After this Guru Amar Das left Goindwal that evening and returned to his native village of Basarke.

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