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Can any particular meditation technique be harmful

Are there any dangers involved by adopting a meditation technique?If one follows & sticks to any technique blindly, simply because someone advocated it, then the long term consequences can certainly be harmful.

Just like every physical body type is different, so is every psychic body. The reason the Guru has traditionally been given importance is because the Guru has the insight to assess your psychic body.

But, to understand the self, you just simply have to be alert and aware of your psychic body & how you respond. The longer you are aware, the better you will know your mind and you will definitely home onto the correct meditation technique.

Observe objectively (without becoming obsessed or paranoid) your day-to-day interactions and conduct. Observe if you feel any changes (whether positive or negative) in your everyday conduct.

These signals will show to you whether your adopted technique is right for you. Also, feel free to experiment with techniques as you narrow down to your chosen way.


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