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How to Improve Meditation

Meditation is to be "here" or in "Present Moment ".It has various help in day today life. Meditation is practice for getting higher consciousnes or moksha or enlightenment. People now a days, practice meditation for relaxing oneself,reduce stress and tension, to increase concentration 


Sit comfortably. If you're sitting in a chair of some kind, press your back against it, your feet flat on the floor (don't touch your feet directly to floor,take some kind of matt or cloth below feet--its very essential.Direct contact with floor will cause energy loss).

If you're sitting cross legged, make sure your legs are positioned comfortably. Your shoulders should be pushed back, your back straight and your head and neck steady and straight. Your hands should usually be in your lap somewhere, either simply with the palms up or in another comfortable position. Try not to clench or tighten any part of your body; make everything comfortably loose and relaxed.

Breathe. Take a deep breath, inhaling with your nose and mouth. Feel the air as it enters your body. Concentrate on getting this breath as deep as it will go, from your mouth and nose as you inhale to deep down in your lower stomach or chest as you push out. Make sure you are still calm and comfortable. Count your breaths slowly, taking your time and creating your own pace, counting from one to ten, and then back again. Concentrate on nothing else, still maintaining your posture.(Breathing technique strictly must be done under teacher guidance.Certain pattern of breathing might be harmful also.According to Pranayama (breathing exercise) one must pratice it daily or else it gives problem. this is very serious note) one can refer Swami Vivekananda talking on Pranayama.

Try a meditation technique; whether it be imagining a soothing, brilliant light of love and protection enveloping you, trying to connect with your inner self, searching for the thing you love most or simply sitting and relaxing. Find what works best for you and continue to use it. Aim to concentrate like this for 20 minutes, and keep repeating it daily.

Observe your thoughts initially ,lot of thoughts might come infront or inside your mind.just observe don't try to get indulge in thoughts."just see them"

Mantra Meditation - Mantra is repeated again and again in mind with awareness and this process causes decreasing in thoughts and might be neutral mind.There are many mantras(this is also advice to do under some guidance of teacher or meditation guru)

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