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What are Mudras. Describe the role of mudras in meditation.


Did you have any idea that our five fingers of the hand are linked to the five crucial elements present in our body?

•    Thumb    -    Space (linked with the body organs mouth, spleen & stomach)

•    Index finger -    Air (linked with the body organs eyes, gallbladder & liver)

•    Middle Finger -    Fire (linked with the body organs tongue, small intestine & heart)

•    Ring finger -    Water (linked with the body organs nose, large intestine & Lungs)

•    Little finger -    Earth (linked with the body organs ears, bladder & kidneys)

Mudra is a Sanskrit word refers to a significant hand expression that has the ability to enhance comfort & satisfaction. Mudras have an important side in Hindus and Buddhist traditions. They are used widely in Meditation, Yoga, and Dance and in other Buddhists customs. Mudras have the power to control our body’s vitality associated with physical, spiritual and mental. It aids to connect the brain to the human body, ease the pain, encourage blood circulation, transforms attitude and behavior and develops our energy.
It is a method of molding these five vital elements as our every finger grasp forceful marks for each element exist in the body.

Every element has its own principles and features. Let’s find out their role in meditation.

1.    GYAN Mudra (The position is used to enhance wisdom & knowledge)

gyan mudra
The primary goal of performing this mudra is to strengthen memory and enhance concentration power of an individual. If you aim to build your wisdom and knowledge, try this effective mudra.
It can be performed by making physical contact (touching) of your index finger to the tip of your thumb. Other three fingers will remain straight.
2.    BUDDHI Mudra(This hand position is used to improve brain activities)

buddhi mudra
Apply this mudra if you aim to have mental transparency and effective communication. One can receive help to understand emotional communication coming from your imaginations while performing meditation.
Perform this mudra by touching or bringing your little finger to touch your thumb. Other three fingers remain straight.
3.    SHUNI Mudra(This hand position is used to increase one’s extrasensory perception)

shuni mudra
This mudra is very effective to boost your sixth sense. It helps in improving mental alertness and brings positivity into your life.
This mudra is done by bringing the tip of your middle finger to touch the tip of your thumb. Other three fingers will remain straight.
4.    PRANA Mudra (This hand position is used to encourage our body’s lifeless energy)

prana mudra
This mudra helps activate passive spirit in our body. It provides the soul to lifeless strengths of our body.
This mudra can be performed by bringing the tip of little finger and ring finger to touch the tip of the thumb. Other two fingers will remain straight.
5.    DHYANA Mudra(This hand position is used to take an individual into profound focus)

dhyana mudra
This mudra is used to lead you into much rooted and deep core of concentration. It helps you bring inner strength, peace, and happiness in your life. It also aids to improve memory. Through this mudra, one can easily command his negative side and can turn it into his positivity.
This mudra should be performed in a sitting position. Bring your hand facing upwards, placing right above or on top of the left palm.
Here the right hand symbolizes awareness and super divine powers and skills, on the contrary to it, left hand symbolizes deception and myth.

6.    SURYA Mudra (This hand position is used to balance body temperature and improves metabolism)
surya mudra
This mudra helps to treat metabolism & improves digestion. It also aids to reduce body weight.
Apply this mudra by bowing down your ring finger so that it may have physical contact to the base of your thumb. Other three fingers will remain straight and calm.

7.    APAAN  Mudra(This hand position is used to treat the digestive system of the body)

apana mudra
This mudra is used for improving physical digestion and for removing the waste substance from the body. It also provides mental strength by driving out the negative powers from the body.
Apply this mudra by bringing your middle finger and ring finger to touch the tip of your thumb. Rest two fingers will remain straight.
8.    GANESHA Mudra (This position is used to overcome life’s tough situations)

ganesha mudra
This mudra is named after the Hindu Lord Ganesh. This mudra is considered to be a great reliever from all kinds of hindrances & hurdles in our life. It helps you bring positivity and strength to face the tough phase of your life.
Place your left hand prior to your chest with your pal facing visible and left thumb down. Now join your right hand prior to your left hand in a lock position, with right palm facing towards you or your left palm. It should look like a claw.
While performing this mudra, take deep and calm breaths. While exhaling, attempt to stretch both arms keeping eight locked. Stretch should be felt along with your chest & shoulders.
Repeat this mudra for at least six times. Now do the reverse practice of this mudra.  
9.    VAYU  Mudra(This hand position is used to aid body’s air related issues)

vayu mudra
This mudra aids in relieving health problems associated with gastric pain, bloating, joint pain, hot air, and stomach discomfort. It also helps in improving the functions of the nervous system both physical and mental.
This mudra may give the same impression as Gyan Mudra. But the difference is, in Vayu Mudra, you link your thumb to the bulge part of your index finger. Bend down your index finger using your thumb to the state of your ease. Do not put the strain on your joints. You can perform this mudra while doing Pranayama.

10.    RUDRA Mudra(This hand position is used to relieve stress and anxiety)

rudra mudra
Rudra means Shiva as it bestows centralized life-changing capacity. Performing this mudra aids in releasing tension and fear in your body, relieves tiredness, lightheadedness, and fatigue. It helps to strengthen your physical body and enables you to achieve your aim in life.
Bring your index finger and ring finger to the tip of your thumb. Other two fingers will remain calm but straight.

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