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|| The Line Of Head Or Mentality ||

The Line of Head or Mentality

Its normal position:

It starts from the Line of Life at its beginning and runs along the Line of Heart gradually increasing the space between them and terminates either nearer to percussion or just above the Mount of Moon.

General functions of the line.

(1) It indicates the versatility of the mind.

(2) Intellectual strength or weakness

(3) Power of mental concentration.

(4) Ability to exercise self-control

(5) Any other constitutional abnormality.

Nature of the Line of Head Characteristic features of the subject

1- A long line A wide field of understanding.

2- A short line A more limited mental range.

3- A chained Line Fluctuating attention - lack of concentration.

4- A double Head Line versatility of the mind.

5- The Line takes a curved course Mental and moral spheres are more predominant.

6- If the Line takes a straight course Material or practical side of life predominant.

7- The line is deep and strong Generosity and broad - mindedness.

8- A sister Line of Head running parallel to the main Line This signifies a nature very difficult to understand, sometimes it is genial and pleasant, and at other times cruel and hateful. It increases the power of the brain and helps doing various jobs.

9- A big and strong lines in a small hand The brain is very powerful and may greatly impair the health.

10- A small Line in big and large hand Indicates a brutal and sexual nature.

11- Straight in the first half and then slightly sloping Indicates a balance between the purely imaginative and the purely practical level-headed.

12- When linked and made up of little pieces like a chain Indecision - want of fixity of ideas.

13- Extremely long and straight and running directly to the side of the percussion Denotes that the subject has more than ordinary intellectual power but inclined to be selfish in the use of that power.

14- Full of little islands and hair lines Great pain to the head and danger of brain disease.

15- When the Line is so high on the hand that the space is extremely narrow between it and the Line of heart Head will completely rule the Heart.

16- A deep Line. Indicates concentration.

17- The Line is wider and broader less concentration - vacillating and changeable.

18- Deep, clear, thin and fine looking line Hard working - deeply interested in study.

19- Broad and thick Line Fond of outdoor life and sports aversion to mental occupation.

20- A long straight Line without Heart Line cold, heartless, merciless, miserly and avaricious.


21- If the Line is short, narrow and shallow The person is easily led - weak in mentality.

22- The Line is short in the left hand and long in the right hand The subject has deteriorated in his mental calibre.

23- The Line is tied to the Life Line for a long period The subject lacks self - confidence depends upon the advice of others.

24- If the Line is wavy from source to termination No fixedness of ideas.

25- If the Line is long and fingers closely set Avaricious disposition.


26- If the Line starts from the Mount of Lower Mars Denotes a quarrelsome nature - tyrannical and oppressive.

27- Starts inside the Mount of Jupiter Very brilliant - from childhood shows signs of supremacy- assumes leadership.

28- A Long Line rising from Jupiter and slightly touching the Life Line

Talent, energy and daring determination of purpose.

 29- Rising from Jupiter but is slightly separated from Life Line The subject has talent and energy but less control and diplomacy - hasty in decision and impetuous in action.

30- Rises from inside the Life Line Over sensitive - over -cautious- timid - irritable.

31- The space between this Line and the Life line is not very wide Quickness of judgement and independent thinking - mental and moral courage-success in life.

32- If the line is continually broken and ladder like. Utter lack of stability - fickle mindedness - continuous head - aches.

33- Clear breaks in the Line in the right hand Indicative of some mental trauma.

34- Breaks in both the hanas Some fatal accident or injury to the head.

35- If the Line sends an off-shoot to or runs into a star on the Mount of Jupiter It is a sign of wonderful success in all things attempted.

36- When a number of little hair lines branch upward from this Line to the Heart Line The affection will be a matter of fascination and not of love.

37- When this Line runs into a square It indicates preservation from accident or violence by the subject's presence of mind.

38- An islanded Line widely separated from the Line of Life. An excessive irritability of temper.

39- An islanded Line sloping to the Mount of Moon Unusually melancholic - escapes from society.

40- A cross on the Line Injury to the head.

41- A cross on the line found under Jupiter Injury caused as a result of being proud and dogmatic.

42- A cross on the line under Saturn Injuries caused by animals, explosions, etc.

43- A cross on the line under Sun Injury to the had consequent on sudden fall.

44- A cross on the Line under Mercury Accidents due to scientific pursuits or experiments.

45- A white spot on the Line A sign of success in intellectual and literary activities.

46- A dark spot on the line Brain fever.


47- Bluish spot on the line. Disorder of the liver.

48- A star on the line Injury on the head.

49- A star found conjoined with the Line of Health Sign of weakness of the sexual organs of women - a sign of sterility.

50- A circle on the Line and a cross high upon the Line of Health poor eye-sight.

51- If many small lines are drooping down Easily discouraged and very timid.

52- An island on the Line under Saturn Deaf and dumb.

53- If the line continues to run after a Star. insanity instead of death.

54- Multi-formation of this Line Denotes a split personality.

55- If the Line is absent Dull intellect - idiocy of congenital nature.

56- Extending clear across the palm with a Line of Health or Liver distinct and straight good memory.

57- Long, clear and straight Line with a long conical first finger and good Mounts of Sun and Jupiter Love of reading.

58- Long and fine line with high Mounts of mars, Jupiter and Mercury Unusual power of concentration

59- Long and sloping line in both hands, with a strong Mount of Moon and the second and third fingers nearly the same length Love of gambling-disposition to take great risks in business.

60- A short line with a low Mount of Jupiter and exaggerated Mounts of Venus and Moon in a soft hand Laziness.

61- A short Line with a narrow quadrangle and a low Mount of Venus Narrow mindedness and uncharitable nature.

62- Pale and broad Line with hard hands and a low Mount of Venus Dull intellect.

63- Wavy Line with a narrow quadrangle and a mount of Mercury exaggerated dishonesty.

64- Very short and poorly marked Line with abnormally small thumb Idiocy.

65- Not joined to the Line of life with exaggerated Mounts of Jupiter and Mars Over-confidence.

66- A circle on the Line under the Mount of Saturn Eye-trouble.

67- A triangle on the Line under the Mount of Mercury. Success in scientific researches.

68- If the Line runs in a more or less straight path towards the percussion and ends above the Mount of Moon. The understanding though wide in scope will be limited by a practicality which tends to eschew imagination.

69- If the Line runs in a deep curve towards the Mount of Moon. The understanding will be equally wide in scope but limited by an imagination which repels mere practicality.

70- If the Line slopes towards the Mount of Moon, cuts the Line of Mercury and ends in the middle of the Mount It betrays acute imagination which seeks trouble and excitement.

71- If the Line ends in a grille or Cross on the Mount of Moon Tendency to insanity.

72- If the Line ends in a star, grille or cross on the Mount of Saturn or the Line of Fate It denotes unnatural death caused by accident or murder.

73- If the Line misbehaves towards its end by jumping and cutting through the Line of Heart ending on the Mount of Mercury. It betrays hypocrisy and treachery.

 74- If the Line after passing the Mount of Jupiter, jumps towards the Line of Hearts and ends on the Mount of Saturn An impaired mentality.

75- If the Line takes a long straight course looking strong and vigorous and ends on the Mount of Upper Mars.

It indicates a very big mind of a rare quality - generous and merciful - carries the burden of the family and friends for a long time.

76- When sloping and terminating with a fine fork on the Mount of Luna or Moon It promises literary talent of the imaginative order.

77- The Line is straight and slightly curved upwards on Mars. Unusual success in business - keen sense of value of money.

78- Terminates on the Mount of Moon - Mount of Moon well-developed finger of Mercury long and well-set Poetic ability-artistic talents-scholarly.


79- Termination of the Line with a beautiful fork. Taste for literature-mark of scholar.

80- If a fork from this Line ends in a star, cross or a dot in the Mount of Moon Aberration of the mind because of excessive imagination.

81- This Line divides into three well-cut forks, one going towards Mercury, another to Mars and yet another to Moon Great diversity of intellect - adaptability and versatility.

82- Sloping far down into the Mount of Moon with the second phalange of the first finger lined Aptitude for occult sciences.

83- Terminating under the Mount of Saturn. Premature death or great intelligence faded out.

84. Terminating on the Mount of Saturn Death by an head injury - a sign of fanaticism.

85. Terminating on the Mount of Sun A passion for fine arts and literature.


86- Forked at a the termination with one prong normal and the other running straight into the Mount of Moon Rich imagination - gift of making money.

87- Sloping and forked at the termination, one prong to the Mount of Moon and the other to the Mount of Mercury Power to hypnotise - crafty disposition in business.

88- A long, fine fork at the termination - one prong down to the Mount of Moon but not very low Talent for diplomacy and even gift of clairvoyance.

89- One clear branch to between the third and fourth fingers. Profitable success in artistic or scientific pursuits - often making money through discoveries or inventions.

90- Throwing branches towards a well-formed Mount of Mercury Business prosperity.

91- Broken under the Mount of Saturn and sloping deeply into the Mount of Moon. Danger of abnormal mental disposition.

92- Sloping almost or quite near to the rascette and terminating in a cross or star Brilliant future.

93- Slightly sloping and terminating in a fork Imagination coupled with analytical reasoning.

94- A very large island at the termination Severe intestinal trouble.

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