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|| The Line Of Heart Or Emotion ||

The Line of Heart or Emotion

Its normal position:

It starts just below the Mount of Jupiter and runs along the base of the Mounts below the fingers and terminates at the percussion.


Its general functions:

(1) It represents the creative instincts the life impulse emotions and other important traits of character.

(2) It reveals the quality and quantity of emotions, sensations and affections together with their bearing upon life.

(3) It would tell us about the nature of sexual tendencies and urge, and sociable ness of the subjects.

(4) It gives the state of health and the condition of the heart, its strength or weakness.


Nature of the Line of Heart Characteristic features of the subject

1- Absence of the Line Extreme coldness - immoral - selfish -avaricious.

2- Long, clear and well- traced Lasting affection.

3- Very red. Violent in love.

An unusually deep Line Danger of apoplexy.

4- Very pale and wide. Heart disease - poor circulation of blood.

The Line has faded away Heart has grown hard because of is appointments in love.

5- Very thin and long Hatred towards mankind.

6- Chained Flirtatious.

7-Pale, broad and chained A cold-blooded person seeking recourse to anything to satisfy his passion.

8-A short line Selfish disposition.

9- A well-developed Line with somewhat exaggerated Mounts of Venus and Moon. Romantic disposition.

Composed of many separate small lines Improper functioning of the Heart.

10- Placed lower than its normal position coldness - selfishness.

11- Placed very high in the hand, close to the base of the fingers Passionate and jealous.


12- Long Line running from one side to the other Excessive attachment causing suffering to the subject.

13- If the Line is short and deep Selfish but a good husband or wife.

14-If the Line by its thickness, depth and strength looks stronger than the Line of Head The desire for love will out-weigh every other consideration and with a good Head Line the subject will be unselfish in his affections.

15- A chained Line emerging from the Mount of Saturn. Contempt for opposite sex.

16- When this Line is seen displaced towards the Line of Head so that the space between the two is narrowed. The affection would rule the subject and would outweigh all other considerations.

17- If the Line of Head rises up and the Line of Heart lies very high on the hand It is a sign that the love affairs and affections are ruled by the calculating and cold tendencies of the subject.

18- A forked Line of Heart on Jupiter where one branch is seen running to a place between the first and the second fingers Fortunate - materially prosperous - gifted with a well - balanced disposition in affairs of love.

19- Three forks forming a trident on Jupiter. A sign of good fortune.

20-If the Line is thick Cold and heartless.

21- Straight Line rising from the mount of Jupiter. Religious and spiritual.

22- A straight Line with a weak supple thumb and thin pointed fingers and sloping Head Line Tendency towards homosexuality and masturbation.


23- A straight Line, forked on the Mount of Jupiter, strong thumb and clear straight or slightly sloping Line of Head Pure at heart and unselfish - possesses strength of character and an idealistic quality - constant in affections.

24- If the Line rises between first and second fingers or from the Mount of Saturn and sweeps to the edge of the palm making a deep curve It denotes a masculine or virile type of sexuality.


25- Starting from far up into the Mount of Jupiter and forkless Ideal love with no trace of sexuality.

26- Starting from the centre of the Mount of Jupiter especially when forked Highest type of love, pure, deep and stead-fast.

27- Starting between the Mounts of Jupiter and Saturn A quiet uneventful home existence - no passionate yearnings.

28- Starting between the first and second fingers Denotes a calm and deep temperament - unfaltering love.

 29-Starting under the Mount of Saturn without a fork Sensuality but no true family affection.

30- Forked at the start form the edge of the Mount of Jupiter, one prong going up the Mount Happiness in love.

31- Joined at its start with the Line of Head under the Mount of Saturn Disaster due to blind passion.

32-Starting from the Mount of Saturn when the hand is soft and flabby Mere sensuality - selfish in desires - pleasure from sexual relations.

Downward branches Disappointments caused by loved ones.

33- Much broken Inconstancy about hatred of the opposite sex.

34- Broken under the Mount of Saturn in both hands Dangerous.

 illness arising from defective circulation of the blood.

35- Broken under the Mount of Saturn Love affairs broken off, but not by the subject's act or desire.

Broken under the Mount of Sun in one hand love affairs broken off, due to the caprice of the subject.

36- Broken under the Mount of Mercury Love affairs broken off on account of the avaricious disposition of he subject.

37- A number of bars cutting the Line Repeated disappointments in love-troubles of the heart and liver.

38- A white dot on the line. Success in love affairs.

39- A circle on the Line Weakness of the heart.

40- A circle on the Line under the Mount of Sun. Trouble with sight.

41-A clear break in the Line Loss of loved ones.

42- No branches on the percussion childlessness.

43- Downward branches from this Line towards the Line of Head Attracted towards opposite sex.

44- If a Line rises from this Line and takes a downward course, cuts the line of Fate and touches the Line of Head Sign of loss of a loved one.

45-When this Line is found to be sinking towards the Line of head, so that the space between the two becomes narrow and the Line of Health is weakly traced Asthmatic tendencies.

46- The lines of Head and heart without braches Life without affection.

47- Fate and heart Lines are islanded Adulterous thoughts.

48-If the Line happens to be high up on the hand Sensitive, intellectual and intuitive.

49- Completely encircling the Mount of Mercury at the termination Aptitude for the occult sciences.

50- Forked at the termination with one prong deep into the Mount of Mercury and an island on the Line of Fate

A divorce due to a guilty intrigue of the subject.

51- A well developed Line with somewhat exaggerated Mount of Venus and Moon Romantic disposition.

If the Line terminates inside the Mount of Saturn childish and playful

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