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|| The Line Of Life Or Vitality ||

The Line of Life or Vitality

Its Normal Position:

The Line of Life starts from under the Mount of Jupiter, encircling the Mount of Venus and Lower Mount of Mars and runs towards the Rascette of the hand.

General functions of the Line:

(1) It indicates the general health during the various periods of the subject's span of life.

(2) It shows up the condition of the physical constitution of the individual.

(3) It indicates the nervous and muscular robustness of he person

(4) It may reveal the tendency towards certain diseases.

(5) It normally shows the longevity of the subject.

 Nature of the Line of Life: Characteristic features of the subject

1- Very broad Muscular strength rather than strength of the will


2- Pale and broad. A poor state of health, envy and often bad instincts.

3- Thick and red Brutish instincts.

4-Uneven thickness of the Line at different stages Fickle - mindedness

5- Absence of the Line Very rare the life of the subject is extremely precarious and death might occur at any moment.

6- The Line is deep and long The vitality and robustness continues throughout the life.

7-A short line The quantity of the energy at the subject's disposal is severely limited but not necessarily short life.

8- A narrow and thin Line Less vitality and limited - resistance to illness.

9- The Line running like a ladder Health is unreliable - delicate constitution.

10- Rope - like line of life An intensely nervous condition of health.

11- Broden in the left and not in the left and not in the right hand Indicates some trauma.

12- Chained at the commencement under Jupiter Bad health in early life.

13- Medium space between this Line and the Line of Head. Denotes energy and a go-ahead spirit - free to carry out one's plans.

14- Very wide space between this Line and the Line of head Too much of self-confidence and dashing spirit - rather impulsive, hasty and usually not guided by reason.

15- Line of Life, head and heart, all joined together Very unfortunate sign - defect in temperament - rushes blindly into danger and catastrophe.

16- Little hair lines drooping from the Line Weakness and loss of vitality.

17- Little lines rising from this Line Increased power, gains and success.

18- A small line rising from the line of life and reaching the Mount of Jupiter Social status and power.

19- A small line rising from the Line of Life and reaching the Mount of Saturn. Success in worldly things - generally amassing wealth.

20- A small line rising from the Line of Life and reaching the Mount of Sun Name and fame in the field of art and literature.

21- A small line rising from the Line of Life and reaching the Mount of Mercury Promises great success in business or science.

22- Line of Life divides towards the end and a wide space is shown between the lines The subject will most probably end his life in a foreign country.

23- An island on the Line Illness or loss of health.

24- An island at the commencement of the Line Constitutional weakness.

25- The Line runs through a square Protection from death or death or bad health

26- Any line cutting the Line of Life Worries and obstacles caused by the opposition and interference of others.


27- Any line cutting the Line of life as well as Line of Fate. Indicates an opposition from others in business or in worldly affairs.

28- Any Line cutting the Line of Life as well as Line of Head. Persons who influence thoughts and ideas.

29- Deep cross bar Lines Severe illness.

30- A break in the Line closed by a supporting parallel line Indicates a change in the direction and quality of life. This may often be interpreted as a change in life circumstances.

31- A true break having no supporting lines. Indicative of some physical trauma. The extent of the experience can be assessed from the size and quality of the break.

32- Crossed by little lines which are fine and do not cut the Life Line into two Innumerable worries.

33- Dot on the Line Acute illness or accident.

34- Series of small breaks in the Line Vitality impaired and delicate constitution.

35- Series of small breaks in the Line Vitality impaired and delicate constitution.

36- Star on the Line Sudden death - poisoning at the age signified.

37- A black dot at the termination of the line Sudden death.

38- A tassel - like formation at the end of the Line A complete breakdown in health at the fag end of one's life.

39- Branches at the end of the Line Heavy work even at old age to make ends meet.




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