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|| The Line Of Sun Or Apollo ||

The Line of Sun or Apollo

Normal Position of the Line:

This is a vertical line in the hand, long or short. If it is long, it starts from the upper part of the Mount of Moon and runs towards the Mount of Sun and generally terminates on the same Mount. If it is short, it starts high on the hand and ends on the Mount of Sun.


General functions of the Line:

1. It is the Line of capability, expressive of he possible accomplishments in which the subject would excel.

2. It shows sufficient talent and intelligence which may lead to success and happiness if properly used.

Nature of the Line of Fate Characteristic features of the subject

1- Absence of the Line The subject may work hard, but finds recognition of the world difficult to gain.

2- Long and uncrossed Riches.

3- Straight and strong Fame in art. 

4- Well formed in both the hands Successful career.

5- Very broad and shallow Showy.

6- Very deep Exaggeration of one's art.

7- Starting from the wrist running through the hand Possession of great talent.

8- Starting low in the hand and runs only for a short distance possession of talents but not productive.

9- If the Line rises higher in the hand and covers the space between the Head and Heart Lines (i.e. the Quadrangle) special talents of the subject operative.

10- Rising from the Line of Fate Success through personal efforts and merits.

11- Rising from the Mount of Moon Success or failure through the influence of external factors.

12- Rising from the Plain of Mars A stubborn nature coupled with sufficient self-confidence and right resolution to achieve success - hands of a self-made person.

13- Rising from the Line of Head Success achieved late in life.

14- Rising from the Line of Heart A favourable sign revealing good tastes and adequate talents useful in old age.

15- Rising from the Line of life Great interest in fine arts and occult study.

16- A clear, deep and well-cut Line Brilliant success assured -clear cut aim in life.

17- Poorly formed Line Superficial Love of arts.

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