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|| The Mount Of Jupiter ||

The Mount of Jupiter

(a) Indications for Jupiterian type

Mount of Jupiter more prominent - finger of Jupiter longer than finger of Apollo - Straight and erect-wide space between finger of Saturn and finger of Jupiter-Line of Head usually straight, good and long - Line of Fate good, clear and long.

(b) Physical features                                                                                                                     

Graceful figure of moderate height-sturdy and medium statured - strongly built with broad shoulder - much hair on the body - eyes large and expressive - sweats abundantly - nose straight and thick at the base - mouth large and thick-lipped-long teeth-cheeks fleshy - long chin with a dimple at the base - ears medium - sized and close to the head - thick neck - stately gait - long, smooth and square tipped fingers - the finger of Jupiter conic tipped - a long first phalange of the thumb.

(c) Psychological dispositions

Ambitious - gifted for public life - self-confident - reliable - leader in his group - talent for organisation - born to be great - capacity to influence people - adherence to discipline, order and tact - effective communication - naturally religious - fond of ceremony and rituals - implicit faith in divinity - fit to hold high position in the hierarchy of religious order - conventional in religious matters - trustworthy - seldom seeks advice - yearning for distinction - anxious to realise ambition - at times vainglorious - detests meanness and hypocrisy - self-reliant in judgment - loves peace hates cheating - easily pleased - gains confidence of one's subordinates through kindness, sympathy and help - desire to excel over others - capacity to attract the opposite sex - quick and keen observer - independent action and thought - resists any interference - fond of pleasure and gaiety refined tastes and fastidious manners.

Excessive development of the Mount of Jupiter, with unfavourable indications - arrogant and domineering spirit - despotic - spendthrift - vindictive and criminal jealousy - selfish to the extreme - prone to vices such as drunkenness and gluttony - licentious.

(d) Health indications

Vulnerability to apoplexy, cardiac diseases, stomach and intestinal disorders.

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