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|| The Mount Of Mercury ||

The Mount of Mercury

(a) Indications for a Mercurian type

A good Mount of mercury - a long straight finger - the finger should reach the middle of the first phalange of Apollo - a fine strong hand- big elastic fingers - a big thumb - a very good Line of Heart ending at the Mount of Saturn without branches - a clear Line of Head - at times knots developed on the first and second phalanges of all fingers.

(b) Physical features

Small stature but well built - elongated but pleasing face - youthful - light complexion compactly built and trim in appearance - forceful expression of countenance - tidy looking - face oval in shape - expression changing rapidly showing quick play of mind - smooth skin - fine and transparent-hair of chestnut colour - curling at the end - for head very bulging - beard short - eyebrows thin, curved and joined - deep-set eyes very quick and penetrating - nose long and straight with a rounded dimpled tip - lips are thin, upper somewhat full - mouth generally half-open-teeth small - chin long and pointed - neck strong - shoulders sturdy - chest broad and muscular - decidedly weak voice - lacking sonority.

(c) Psychological dispositions:

Talent for commerce and business - keen observation and sound judgment - shrewd enough to understand the value of money - crafty - inherently a schemer - industrious - very quick in the execution of plans - embodiment of quickness, physical and mental talents - scientific pursuits - medical profession - intuitive faculty of diagnosis - good surgeon - skilful at games - excellent lawyer and effective teacher - born actor - not amorous but affectionate - love of family - gift of divination - fond of travel.

Bad qualities of a Mercurian: Bad early childhood - not much learning - propensity to fall a prey to bandits or robbers - born liar - feeble memory - hypocritical and given to flattery - false show of religious fervour - believes in imps, ghosts and other spiritual beings - fond of black magic - always live in groups.

(d) Health Indications

Tendency to have nervous breakdowns, heart trouble, liver and digestive disorder.

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