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Rama Ekadashi 2019 Date

Rama Ekadashi 2019 Date
This year's Rama Ekadashi 2019 Date

Thursday, 24 Oct - 2019

The Sanskrit word Ekadashi implies eleven and according to the Hindu schedule Ekadashi is the thithi of the eleventh day of a Paksha. The eleventh day of the winding down period of the moon in the month of Ashwayuja or the Ashwayuja Krishna Paksha Ekadashi according to the lunar Calendar is seen as Rama Ekadashi. According to the North Indian Calendar Rama Ekadashi is seen on the Krishna Paksha of Karthika Masa.

Rama Ekadashi is considered to be a sacrosanct day for the aficionados of Lord Vishnu. Fans watch an Ekadashi Vrat to look for the favors of Lord Vishnu. Watching the Rama Ekadashi Vrat would help one to dispose of every last one of sins submitted and would likewise help him to get salvation.

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