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Can meditation relieve stress


Do you always remain stressed? Are you in a state of depression? Is anger affecting your health?
No worries. Meditation work wonders to provide a stress-free life. Regular meditation encourages body relaxation and delivers good health.
Meditation has proven effective prevention in relieving stress mentally and physically. People suffering from blood pressure, depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, nervousness, fear, and insomnia should practice meditation on a daily basis.
Meditation provides a state of peace, comfort, and balance that helps an individual’s long-term wellness and happiness.
The benefits of meditation are infinite. Its advantages remain effective even after the completion of meditation classes or session.
The techniques of meditation support a person to bring calm and peace of mind throughout the day. It also has the ability to treat some medical issues.

Apart from mental and physical wellness, emotional benefits can also be satisfied through meditation. Such as:

•    Eliminating unfavorable emotions
•    Enhances focus on existing in the present
•    Developing self-realization
•    Relieves stress-related issues like depression, anxiety, tension, and nervousness

There are other numbers of symptoms which can be prevented by the regular practice of meditation. The meditation is neither hard to practice nor takes a long time. A few minutes to practice helps you to control stress so that one may feel rejuvenated in the life ahead.

How can we meditate to relieve stress?

Here are some basic methods to practice meditation for stress management.

1.    Relax in a comfortable position
Whether you sit on a chair, couch or prefer to sit cross-legged on the ground, all that matter is a comfortable straight and relaxed position. Precise posture helps you stay awake through the long practice of meditation.

2.    Practice with eyes closed
Now close your eyes slowly and smoothly. You need to calm your entire facial muscles. Do remember not to close your eyes tightly. It will tighten your face muscles. This stage helps your mind to relax and relieves tension from the body.

3.    Erase your thoughts
Do remember that this stage of meditation can give roots to frustration. You don’t need to worry. It will help you to let go away all your tension and anger. What matter the most is to maintain or control your mind during the practice. The aim is to hold ourselves disconnected from the thoughts that hinder our minds to stay in peace.  It is normal if you unable to control your thoughts perfectly during the session. Just remember your thoughts and ask your mind to leave it completely.

4.    Focus on the sounds
Focusing on the sounds around you and your environment is one of the effective stress relief techniques of meditation. Some people think that a silent atmosphere is all that we need to achieve a successful meditation practice but in reality, it is beneficial to have sounds in the environment as it aids to develop your focus on sounds and mind as well. Sounds like birds chirping, wind blowing, light music, etc. all can help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Important information of Meditation

•    Practice regularly
Meditation demands regular practice. If you aim to live healthy and peacefully, you must practice it on a daily basis. Do not worry about the accuracy of performing it. There is nothing like perfection in meditation. What is more important is to give it more time. If you want to practice it precisely you will directly indirectly increase your stress level than to relieve.

•    Initiate with short time
At the beginning, you should start for a little time period (for about 5 minutes). As you feel comfortable, stretch time period to 10 to 15 minutes. As per your comfort level, you can increase time for 30 minutes practice. With its regular practice once you feel comfortable, it will take no efforts. In fact, you’ll find it simple and useful. It will leave you refreshed and composed throughout the day. If you desire to have positive outcomes you need to record your time on daily basis. Firm goals help you bring true satisfaction.  

•    Attempt another technique of meditation (if required)
Many people get irritated at the beginning and end at the desire to discontinue it. Don’t get disheartened. Just focus to find relaxation instead of giving roots to stress. You can try another ways to practice like dance, karate breathing, martial arts, practice with light music, meditation in open environment (gardens, balcony) etc..

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