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What are the best meditation types or techniques

Meditation is a wonderful gift one can give himself in his life. Through meditation, an individual can begin the exploration to uncover his own genuine personality and to can discover the strength & security which he needs to survive and perish happily.
In today’s stressful world, Meditation has taken a vital place to uncover our inner peace and strength. It is relevant to overcome the heaviness in our everyday usual life. Meditation helps nourishing an individual to become more disciplined, aware, attentive, spiritual, observant, calm and composed.  
Meditation is one and the only practice which is accepted and adopted by almost every community of the world. It also benefits in creating a person livelier in respect of thinking, judging, knowing, understanding, expressing and conducting.

There are several important types of meditation:


This method of meditation helps an individual to concentrate on achieving a particular task at a time or in simple words, Focused meditation can be defined as a practice of performing one thing at a time, in any case.
For instance, if you are cooking, then you should focus your complete attention on cooking. In between on use of mobile phones, no watching television, no washing of clothes or any other job should not be executed. This will lead to a disorganized attention and a lot of discontents.
This practice is very popular among sportsperson, musicians, dancers, chess players and so on.  


This is an observant procedure of bonding relation with something highest, supreme and profound than ourselves. In other words, to be one with great spiritual and divine power that is beyond this world or our imaginations.
Those who are exploring for self-religious growth must perform this technique which not only helps an individual to progress spiritually but also emotionally. It also assists an individual to become more thoughtful in respect of otherworldly divine powers.
It can be practiced by remaining calm and silent and through communication or chant mantras. It is commonly used by Buddhas and monks of other communities. Thus, by applying spiritual meditation, one may suppose to create an intense relationship with the holy and sacred powers.


This technique of meditation was rooted in the education of Buddhas. It supports us to explore and figure out the functions of our brain and intelligence.
Intolerance, hopelessness, unhappiness and other abundant manners that hold us back from staying calm and joyful lives can be effectively controlled by this technique.
Mindfulness meditation is more powerful when it is performed with a relaxed and straight back and a readiness to be faithful to your inner self.
Experts have discovered that mindfulness can-
•    Eliminate obsession on unfavorable mental state
•    Enhances concentration & memory
•    Reduce aggression & aid emotional attitude
•    Develops relationship comfort


This technique of meditation helps us to visualize a specific thing which brings a great sense of joy and peace to our minds. For instance visualizing of a beautiful and silent flowing river, green fields, mountains, clouds and the likes, all give an immense pleasure to our brains.
This method helps to enhance mental function and gives an impression of love and harmony.
Inward eye meditation is a method that values our imaginative attitude of thoughts for actual and clear self-renewal.
This technique supports us to concentrate more on and future achievements and not on past failures.


This meditation can be defined as a practice of concentration while moving. This technique of doing this meditation encourages your body not to remain in one position. Like other techniques where the body needs to stay in calm and straight position, this movement meditation wants your body to move to do this practice. Silent and relax Walking, Martial arts and Yoga are some forms of moving meditation.
 If you find difficulty in performing long period sitting meditation then this technique is for you.


This is more popular and recommended meditation. Many religions like Buddhist, Hindus and other western communities follow this method of meditation. It helps to focus more on a specific thing while chanting mantras or sacred words.
This meditation is used to transparent minds and gives authority to bring newness to our divine self.
Some people chant OM, SHANTI or some kind of melodious mantras to bring peace of mind.


Kundalini Meditation/Yoga is a bodily operating mode that combines activity with profound breathing, mudras & mantras.
It is recommended to have complete knowledge of this type of meditation. You can take help of meditation or yoga instructor for effective outcomes. Likewise to other methods of meditation Kundalini meditation helps to enhance physical stability and alleviates pain. It can also perform to boost mental strength by eliminating stress, fear, and anxiety.


Zen Meditation is a type of meditation which was formed in Buddhist ritual. Later, it was adopted by many traditions and continues to hold an important place in today’s world. This meditation needs precise actions and gestures. Thus, it is better to practice this exercise under the instructor’s guidance.
Zen meditation can be well performed in a silent environment. The aim is to search for a comfortable posture, concentrate on breathing and firmly discover one’s attention without interpretation.
This type of meditation is the same as mindfulness meditation but it demands more self-control & expert training.


This type of meditation aims to manage a mental vision of affection and compassion towards every little thing, whether it is an individual’s foes and causes of mental or physical pressure.
This practice helps to allow an individual’s mind to accept love & generousness. While breathing intensely, a practitioner conveys communications of love and genuineness to the world and to a particular individual or to their beloveds. Metta meditation should continue to practice until the practitioner receives a mental outlook of respect & honesty.
This form of meditation aids to alleviate anger, depression, hate, disappointment and social or mutual clashes.

Applying these different techniques of meditation, one can successfully get relief from stress, dissatisfaction, and impatient nature which promote us draw more close to self-awareness.

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