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|| The Line Of Fate Or Saturn ||

The Line of fate or Saturn

Normal Position of the Line:

It is the vertical straight line which starts from the centre base of the hand near the rascette and runs towards the Mount of Saturn dividing the palm into two halves.

General functions of the Line:

1. It indicates the route destined for everyone of us to go through in life according to his talents and environment.


2. It shows the various factors that might affect the career for better or worse.

3. It shows physical, mental and financial events along with their results.

4. It shows the ultimate results of one's efforts and doings and the gross net value of life.

Nature of the Line of Fate Characteristic features of the subject

1-Absence of the Line Insignificant life - mostly the hand of a self-made person - vegetable Kind of existence.

2-Deep Line perseverance in an occupation not to the taste of the subject - a strain of the will power - often nervous breakdowns.

3-A wavy line A quarrelsome, changeable disposition - insufficient steadiness of purpose.

4-Deep and irregular in a much rayed hand constant irritability - ultra - nervous disposition

5-Rises from the Line of Life Success and riches will be won by personal merit.

6-Rises from the wrist Early responsibility - free to select and chalk out a career on one's own.

7- A long Line all crossed and barred Unfortunate sign - obstacles.

8- When the Line rises from the Mount of Moon The destiny or fortune will be subject to the influence of external factors other than personal efforts.

9- Poorly traced as it approaches the centre of the hand Troubles in middle life.

10- Broken and irregular Career uncertain - ups and downs of success.

11- If the Line rises from the wrist and tied down to Life Line The early portion of the subject's life has been spent to satisfy the wished of the parents or relatives.

12-Rises from the wrist and proceeds straight up the hand to its destination on Mount of Saturn Sign of extreme good fortune and success.

13- If the Line rises from the Line of Head Success will be won late in life.

14- If the Line rises from the Line of Heart After a difficult struggle success will be won.


15- If the Line is straight, deep, clearly and evenly traced and long and runs in a faultless form to the Mount of Saturn throwing branches to other Mounts with good Line of Sun Good fortune, brilliant success and attainment of high social position and acquisition of wealth.

16- If the Line goes towards the Mount of Sun A prominent public life or success in art, sculpture, painting or money - making.

17- If it goes to the Mount of Mercury Mark of a prominent scientist or businessman.

18- If it goes to the Mount of Jupiter Fulfilment of ambitions - power and position in life - particularly in public life.

19-Chained or formed in crosses or zigzag at the start Difficult childhood often due to loss of money or position of the subject's parents.

20- If the Line is straight and a branch runs in and joins it from the Mount of Moon Signifies that somebody would assist the subject in his career - not necessarily a relative.

21- When this Line is abruptly stopped by the Line of Heart Success will be ruined on account of illicit love affairs.

22- When this Line is stopped by the Line of Head Success thwarted by some stupidity or blunder of the subject.

23- Break in the Line Major change of occupation - misfortune and loss.

24- A square on the Line Protection from loss of money or failure in business or in profession.

25- A double or sister Fate Line Excellent sign - two distinct careers.

26- An island on the Line Misfortune, loss or adversity.

27- When the Line rises from the life Line Early part of the Life is dominated by home influence.

28- When the Line passing over the Mount of Saturn ascends into the base of the finger Very unfortunate sign to possess- the subject would attempt too much and would fail to achieve his purpose.

29- A strong Line after the break. The position of the subject would improve after some change in his career.

30- A star on the Lines Bad sign - career of he subject uncertain.

31- An island at the termination of the Line Career would end in despair - may also indicate tragic death.

32- Rising from the Mount of Venus. A troubled life in early childhood due to family circumstances.

33- Rising from the Plain of Mars The first two decades of life wasted purposelessly.

34- An island at the beginning of the Line Some mystery int he birth of the individual.

35- Ends in a cross or a star Death by violence.

36- Small parallel Lines running through Money earned through different sources.

37- Chained when it crosses the Line of Heart Trouble in love.

38- Two islands forming the figure 8 at starting point of the Line Gift of second sight - intuitive abilities.



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