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|| The Mount Of Apollo Or Sun ||

The Mount of Apollo or Sun

(a) Indications for Apollonian type

A good Mount of Apollo - the finger of Apollo longer than the finger of Jupiter - a good hand with smooth developed fingers - finger of Mercury small - medium sized thumb - Line of Heart ending on the Mount of Jupiter with two or more branches - clear - cut deep Line of Sun - star on the Mount of Apollo.

(b) Physical features

Handsome and manly - height just above average - cheerful and elegant - not fleshy like Jupiterian - dignified features and fine skin- shapely, muscular and athletic - beard - hair abundant, soft and wavy - eyes almond-shaped, brown or blue in colour - cheeks firm and rounded - nose long and straight - expression frank - eyebrows beautifully curved - medium sized ears with thick lobes - long strong neck - chin round but not prominent - legs slim and strong- with a lot of agility - muscular without superabundance of fat - striking chest - healthy life - grace and symmetry of body.

(c) Psychological dispositions

Primarily artistic - man of great natural gifts - richly endowed with intelligence - a fine illustration of moral greatness, high instincts and material desires - worshipper of beauty - love of harmony in the surroundings - learning by intuition - man of sound understanding, uprightness, honesty and integrity - passionately fond of music, generally of melodic character - versatile - fond of fine clothes, rich furniture and jewels - fond of inventing new styles and articles - great success in any sphere without much effort - naturally indolent and relies upon intelligence and instinct - self-confident - filled with no gloomy thoughts - hot - tempered but given to forgiveness - no harbouring of ill - will to anyone - attainment of high position and money without difficulty - not a religious fanatic but can be easily convinced - not superstitious - extreme adaptability - no enemies.

Qualities of a bad Apollonian - too much love for money and romantic adventures - not happy with one love affair - love of beauty rather than of character - vain - ostentatious - braggart.

(d) Health Indications

Susceptible to the following diseases: Poor eyesight, cardiac diseases, diabetes and intermittent fevers.

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