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Pilgrimage in India -Gurudwaras(गुरूद्वारे)(Gurudwaras in Canada)

Gurdwara  means the gateway to the Guru, is the place of worship for Sikhs; however, people of all faiths are welcomed in the Gurdwara. The Gurdwara has a Darbar Sahib where the Guru Granth Sahib is seen and a Langar where people can eat free food. A Gurdwara may also have a library, nursery, and classroom. A Gurdwara can be identified from a distance by tall flagpoles bearing the Nishan Sahib, the Sikh flag.The literal meaning of the Punjabi word Gurdwara is \'the residence of the Guru\', or \'the door that leads to the Guru\'.


1. Alcohol, tobacco, smoking or meat is not allowed on the Gurdwara premises
2. All shoes must be removed before entering the Diwan Hall or the Langar Hall. Shoe racks are available inside the entrance hall of the Gurdwara.
3. Wash your hands and feet. spreading dirt and dust spreading around the Gurdwara. 
4. Bow to the Guru Granth Sahib as the first thing touching the floor with your forehead. This not only shows respect but also indicates that you submit yourself to the truths contained in the book.
5. Your head must be covered at all times whilst inside the Gurdwara. Scarves are available inside the Gurdwara.
6. Bow in front of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji when joining the sangat inside the Diwan Hall.
7. Everyone sits cross-legged on the carpeted floor facing the Guru Granth Sahib Ji when inside the Diwan Hall. The custom at this Gurdwara is for females to sit on the left and for males to sit on the right, although this sitting arrangement does vary between Gurdwaras.
8. Everyone stands up during the Ardaas (common prayer to God).
9 .Members of the sangat can offer money, butter, milk, fruit or sugar etc. towards the upkeep of the Gurdwara or as ingredients for the langar meal but this is optional.
10. All mobile phones must be switched off before entering the Diwan hall.

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