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Navratri~नवरात्री - Navratri
Navratri :

Navratri is a famous Indian Festival. Navratri is Sanaskrit Word; it is a combination of two words, one is Nav - means nine and second is Ratri - means Nights. Means nine festive nights. This festival comes four times in a year as on Chaitra, Ashadh, Poush
and Maagh hindi months. Navratri is celebrated from Pratipada till Navmi. On the ninth day the kanya poojan is to performed, somewhere it is perform on Ashtami Tithi.

The three Deity Goddess Mahakali, Goddess Lakshami and Goddess Saraswati and Nine Forms of Maa Durga are worshiped in nine Days of Navratri.

The Nine Forms of Maa Durga are:

Shri Shail Putri
Shri Brahmcharini
Shri Chandra Ghanta
Shri Kushmanda
Shri Skand Mata
Shri Katyayini
Shri Kalratri
Shri Mahagauri
Shri SiddhiDatri

This festival celebrated with nine fixed dates, for Nine Forms of Maa Durga with full devotion since eternal time. It is first performed by Lord Shri Ram Chandra on the sea shore and on the tenth day he departed for Lanka Victory and got succeeds. Till now the symbol of win of truth Dussera is celebrated in India.

Every form of Adishakti is worshiped on the different nine days respectively. Maa Durga's ninth form is known as Siddhidatri. She is worshiped for accomplishment of all kind. She rides on Lion and seated on Lotus flower. The ninth day of Navratri is especially for her reverence.

Maa Kali is the first head of Nav Durga and Dasha Mahavidya. Having two form - Soumya (Benign) and Ugra (Furious) from Lord Shiva, the Dasha Mahavidya is able to gift infinite attainment to the menkind. On tenth place Maa Kamla Vaishnavi Shakti is the owner of all natural assets, is also known as Devi Lakshmi. All are deity Demon and human are helpless without her obligation.

In agam and nigam she is equally worshiped. All deity, human and demon desire for her dainty.

The Main Story of Navratri :
The Lord Brahma suggested Lord Shri Ram to do Chandi Devi poojan for his victory, and as said by Lord Brahma 108 Blue Lotus flowers are arrenged for chandi poojan and havan.
On the other side Demon Ravan also started chandi poojan for his immortality. Indra dev Send Lord Pavan Dev to Lord Rama and told this news and advised him to complete the poojan accordingly.

At this side one blue lotus flower get missing by Ravan's charlatanry and it seems that Lord Rama did not fulfil his resolution. Coz by this Devi Maa will get angry. It was impossible to arrange a blue lotus flower immediately.

Then Lord Rama remembers that people used to worship him as deity with eyes like Blue Lotus Flower. So he gets ready to offer his one eye to Devi Chandi. Now Devi Chandi appeared and stopped him to do so and blessed him with boon of victory.

The other side Lord Hanuman entered into Ravan's Yajna as a Brahman kid and start helping to the brahmans, the Brahmans get happy and asked him for a wish. Hanuman said politely that if you are happy with me then please change One Letter into the Devi Mantra, the brahman didn't understand this mystery and promise him without think over it. According to the promise, at the place of 

"ha" they replaced it with "ka" so mantra writen as

Jayadevi bhootiKarini at the place of Jayadevi bhootiHarini.

By this Devi get very much angry and destroy the Devil Ravana.

All the auspicious works which are paused in the Pitrapaksh are started and done in this festival season. This season can fulfill all favorable jobs of people.

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