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Brahmrishi kumar swami ji

Brahmrishi kumar swami ji
Param Pujya Brahmrishi kumar swami ji was born on January 22, 1954 at Shree Karanpur in Rajasthan in a religious farmer family. It is because of God’s unique grace that only at the age of 12 he studied the holy books of all the religions and during this time the holy book ‘Maykhana’ was written by him which uncovers extremely hidden spiritual secrets and soofi thinking. 

Param Pujya Brahmrishi Shree Kumar Swami ji has unparalleled knowledge about the secrets of Ayurveda. At one time he was respected as the best doctor of the world. He has been personal doctors of the Presidents, Prime Ministers, several central Ministers and Ambassadors of different countries and Chief Ministers of several States of India.

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