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Sri Sudhanshuji Maharaj Biography
In this transitional period of Science, Technology and Computers, the Most Revered Sudhanshuji Maharaj appeared on this earth to define the real character of religion, to awaken the powers lying dormant in human consciousness and to sound the buggle of human welfare. This divine soul in human body is one in the long series of divine souls that descended on this earth to define the worth and relevance of human life. After completing his education, Japa–Tapa, meditation and sadhana and acquiring many spiritual experiences, this great man to feel the pulse of the nation travelled all over India, from north to south and east to west.

In the course of this long and extensive journey he saw the rejected and dejected old people, orphans and the poor and a very large majority of people leading life of illusion, taboos and meaningless conventions. This touched him deeply and stirred him to do something for them. He thought of serving them through awakening their consciousness and thus unlocking the most latent energy of their self-confidence. Consequently, Vishwa Jagriti Mission was founded on 24th March, 1991, in Delhi, the national capital of India. This was the day of birth of Lord Rama also celebrated as Ram-Navami. The motto was Reconstruction of Indian society, based on the best ideals of Indian Culture.

The Revered Maharajshri, on the one hand, gave new direction to human consciousness, employing the Maryada (great traditions) of Lord Rama (known for his highest ideals), the Karma-yoga (or dynamic philosophy of action of Lord Krishna), the compassion of Buddha, non-violence of Mahavir and the ideals and ideals popular saints (of common man's sensibility) such as Nanak, Kabir, Raidas and many others and, on the other land, he identified the best values of human relations, ideals, bench-marks and traditions from Indian culture, and, re-asserting them, he directed a great campaign of service to humanity, it was founding of VISHWA JAGRITI MISSION.
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