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|| The Line Of Intuition ||

The Line of Intuition

Normal Position of the Line:

This Line forms a semi-circle traversing across from the face of the Mount of Mercury to that of the Mount of Moon. 

General functions of the Line:

(1) It represents the speed with which the sharpness of the intellectual faculty is operative in a person

(2) It indicates the possession of an intuitional ability of presentiments, strange events, vivid dreams and warnings, and above all in a 'gifted Palm' the faculty of clairvoyance.

Nature of the Line of Intuition

1- The Line is clear with a high Mount of Moon, more pronounced in its upper part Mesmeric, hypnotizing power.

2- If the Line starts higher up on the Mount of Moon. Intuitive faculty of the subject under control.

3- Broken repeatedly Intuitive tendency by fits and starts - and cannot be relied upon.

4- Forming a triangle with the Line of Fate and the Line of Head strong aptitude for occult sciences.

5- An island in the beginning of the Line Tendency towards somnambulism.

6- If the Line of head sinks low on the Mount of Moon and the Line of Intuition cuts it Mental forces injured by allowing too much imagination and intuition to have their say.

7- If a branch rises from this Line and runs to the Mount of Jupiter Ambitious to accomplish something with one's intuitive faculties - often successful occultists.

8- If the Line ends in a star Great success in intuitive flashes.

9- If a Line from the Line of Intuition merges with the Saturn Line The exercise of the intuitive faculties will assist the career of the subject.

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