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Gopal Mani Maharaj

Gopal Mani Maharaj

In the sacred land of India, when the loss of religion, society against the evils and religion began to conduct, then the great saints, philosopher and social reformer are born on the earth, who provide a new inspiration to a dormant consciousness.

Today, a man of such great personality Pujya Sant Shri Gopal Mani Ji Maharaj, who has got, clearness of mind, uninterruption in love, sharpness of intelligence, gentleness at home, readiness to sacrifice, penance in equity, clearity in views, Excellency in shastra, efficiency in operations, cheerfulness in eyes, simplicity in nature and sweetness in voice.

This great man Goplmaniji was born on June 5, 1958, Dham Gangotri in Uttarakhand Chianyali saur block of the district uttrakshai village Badsi, a simple religious devoted Brahman Late Dhani Ram Nautiyal and Mrs. Rameshwari Devi's house. 

From childhood to serve cows with mood and Hanuman Chalisa Text ramcharith manas started, this habit you in mind your family has done in your college admission Vishwanath Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya. Sharp intelligent sentiment of childhood you have been used periodically awarded. After completing the degree of shastri, have received Shiksha Shastri title from Lal Bahadur Shastri Degree College at convergent. Also received title of vyakarnacharya from Ramanuja's Sanskrit mahavidyalaya. Thereafter you work for a while teaching in central school.

Spiritual Journey :

Beginning of your spiritual journey occurred after the hearing Shrimed Bhagwat fiction in Kurukshetra to Holiness Sant Shri Dongre Ji Maharaj. Then you have the 1984 first introduced Shrimed Bhagwat narrative fiction and Ramkatha. In his spiritual guru Shankar's guidance you transported people to people Ram Katha. More than 700 locations through the mass public, Shrimed Bhagwat and Ram legend of ancient Indian culture ideology has transported by you.
Spiritual Heritage :

During your spiritual journey you have received blessings from many of Saints & Mahatma Among these are the main Mahesh Yogi Ji, Satyadev Ji Maharaj, Muni Sushil Kumar, Dr. Narayan Dutt, Srimali Akhandadutt Ji Maharaj, Kanchi Kam Kothi peeth's Shankaracharya Ji Maharaj, Jayendra Saraswati Ji Maharaj, Jyotish Peethadishwar Badrikashram Jagadguru Madhwashram Ji Maharaj.. etc. You have received blessings time to time from many of Saints & Mahatma.

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