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Causes and Symptoms of Hysteria


Hysteria is a neurological condition which causes mental and nervous disorder. It makes the patient emotionally disturbed as he/she does not have any control over feeling and sentiments. Such patients usually suffer from any phobia, lack of self-discipline, depression and seizures. Some of the causes of hysteria are sexual excess or sexual repression, idleness, hereditary, mental strain, stress, fear, worry, depression, etc. Heavy breathing, clenched teeth, tensing of muscles, swelling of veins particularly in the neck region, alternating bouts of laughter and crying are the most common symptoms of hysteria. Though found in both the sexes, hysteria is more prevalent among females than in males. It usually occurs during adolescence and becomes less frequent after 25 years of age. Treating hysteria at home is the best way to deal with the disorder. In the following lines, we provide how to treat/cure hysteria using home remedies.

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