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Monthly Horoscope - Taurus

Your Monthly Horoscope :

Taurus March 2020 Horoscope

You have two excellent planets to bestow structure and organization to everything you do. Jupiter and Saturn are helpful in giving joy and realism to tasks. Be slightly careful about worry and anxiety in the first two weeks. Jupiter and Neptune are square, making for vivid visualizations in positive environments, but fear and anxiety in negative situations.

March will be a breakthrough month for you, now you can make a bold step forward. Some of your closest friends will show you a lot of warmth and joy. Values ​​such as success, recognition and love will accompany you at every step. A recently learned person with whom you have created a partnership will be very serious. 

Love in General:

The two planets associated with the emotional life, Mars and Venus; protect your love life, all month! Lucky you! First decan, do not go too fast, you might baffle your partner. Know to be yourself, the quiet force. This month suggests a sensual and particularly dense emotional life. Surprise her/him with your bucolic romanticism! A happy month! Whether you are freshly coupled or in a long-term relationship, this month's planetary influxes are positive and exciting! From sensuality to hypersensitivity, an energy conducive to the reconciliation of the body, love opens wide its warm arms! Happiness is in sight. A quality meeting is possible! Big trips are also a source of emotional satisfaction, because of this, run to your travel agency, why not! What is certain is that the universe smothers you with its benevolent gaze, open your eyes, everything is in place to trigger a beautiful encounter!

Advice for Taurus Horoscope:

Until the 23rd, your sign advances slowly but surely on its favored path: the road of construction! Then, the first decan will see itself a little heckled, Saturn that places itself at the square of your sign. Adapt yourself! Keeping the peace may not be easy now, especially if you’re trying to satisfy a set of unrealistic demands or expectations. In addition, Mercury’s retrograde adds an element of anxiety, especially if there are misunderstandings. Try to clarify whenever possible.

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