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Rooms Positions in Vastu

Bedroom: - While construction a bed - room, directions should be specially chosen. The directions according to which rooms should be constructed are as under:

North - West   -     The room in this direction is suitable for guests and girls.
South - West  -      The Chief of the house should have his room in this direction.
North - East    -      No bedroom should be situated in this direction. In such situation there is a possibility of increase number of girls in the family
South-East    -        No bedroom should be located in this direction. The children do not take interest in studies. There is no sound sleep. People have much anger. Decisions are generally taken hurriedly.
West                   There is a possibility of birth of larger number of girls in the family.

Bathroom: - It should be in the West and South directions and the flow of its drains should be towards North-East. Commode should be South or West facing. Exhausts fan can be fixed on North and East walls. Geysers should be South-East since it is 'Agneya' corner and Geyser is associated with heat

Toilet: -According to Vastu principles, Toilets and Bathroom should be situated separately. These days, it is not possible because of paucity of space. As such, these are built attached with each other within the house. The following points need special attention for such construction.

1. Never build toilets in the direction of eastern corner or at "Ishan angle".
2. These should be constructed mainly towards South or West.
3. The face should be towards soutrh or West while discharging stool.

Balcony: - It should be constructed in the North-East to achieve good health and wealth and if in the houses already constructed, the balcony is in South-West, it should be covered with glass or screens.

Cowshed: - It has been scientifically proved that the cow discharges Methane gas. We exhale carbon dioxide, which is harmful. Methane nullifies the pollution of Carbon dioxide. Therefore cows should be kept in the North-West as far as possible.

Children's Room: - The children are future of the nation. If the parents are able to give right direction to the children at their tender age then tomorrow they will turn into disciplined citizens. The children's room, too, should be constructed in the North-West corner but the bathroom should be arranged in above noted direction only.

Doors: - The doors should be in the North and East. When someone enters through the door, the waves emerging from the doors affect his mind because the magnetic waves always flow around us. Some painting or window should be opposite each door.

Drawing Room: - It should be in North-West, South or west direction. In the traditional drawing rooms mattresses, covered with white sheets of cloth are spread in the entire room and round pillows are kept in South and West walls. Similarly, in the modern drawing room, the furniture should be kept in South and West directions. As far as possible the open space should be maximum in North and East direction

Dining Room: - In olden days the meals were taken in the kitchen itself but now the dining room has become an integral part of the drawing room. However the dining table should be kept in South-East.

Delivery Room: - If the delivery of child is to be made in the house, it should be done in North-West rooms.

Entertainment Room: - This is an important place and the suitable directions for it is North-West or South.

Food Storage: - The store should be in the kitchen and in the South-East corner.

Garages:-It should be in the South-East or North-West corner but load on North and East Walls be kept at the minimum.

General Room: -Though, it is sparingly used; yet it should be constructed in the North-West.

Guest Room: - It should be in North-West corner.

Kitchen: -The kitchen must be situated in fire angle, i.e. in South-East. The face of the cook should be towards the East. The water tap in kitchen should be in the North-East direction. It is better if the stone on which food is cooked, is of red colour.

Laundry: - As the hot water is also used while laundering the clothes, the South-East corner has been considered best for it but the flow of drains should be towards North-East.

Main Switch: -The junction of electric cables of the house should be in the South-East corner along with the main switch.

Main Gate: -The main gate is dependent upon the direction on which the plot lies. However, Both-East and West directions are considered best for the main gate of the house.

Mezzanine Floor:-According to the rules of Vastu-Shastra we have to keep the South-West portion higher. Therefore the mezzanine floor should be constructed in, South or West.

Open Space: -In every plot more open space should be kept in North, East and North-East than in South and West.

Portico: - It should be in the Borth-East and its height should be less than that of the main roof.

Patient's Rooms: - It is best to keep this room in South-West or North-West corner. If the head of the patient is kept in the South, he recovers early.

Place of Worship: -This is the place from where good ideas flow. If it is in the North-East and the face of the idol is towards North or East then the property of the house is assured. To gain knowledge, one should offer worship keeping his face Northward and should sit near the northern wall and to gain economic prosperity one should keep one's face towards East and should sit in the Eastern side of the room.

Servant Quarters: -These should be in the North-West corner. But load on the north and east walls should be kept at a minimum. This will keep the servants also happy.

Stair Case:- According to the principles of Vastu Shastra the staircase can be constructed in any direction except North-East. If in some old house, the staircase is in the North-East, then a room should be constructed in South-East to lessen its ill-effects.

Study Room:-The North-East corner is best for a study room. If the study room and place of worship room are adjacent then it is considered most beneficial.

Safe(Cash): -Petty cash for daily expenses should be kept in the North. Jewelry and other valuables should be kept inside a safe in the South. This adds to prosperity.

Terrace: - It should be in the North-East.

Trees: - These should not be in North and East but in South and West only.

Verandah:-This should be in the East as this is also a form of open space.

Water Tank/Overhead Water-Tank: - It is best to keep it in the North-West, but could be kept in West also.

Well & Tube well: - Water, too, enjoys great importance in Vastu-Shastra, so it should be in the Eishan Kona or North-East corner which is the most suited direction for it. It has been observed that if a well or tube well was in any other direction, the house owner suffers heavy losses. But when it was closed and the tube well was constructed in the North-East, the owner started earning profits. Given below are the directions and their effects.

North                          Peace and Happiness
East                           Extreme wealth
South                         Shortage of female members or miseries.
West                          Stomach and sexual troubles among male members.
North                          West Enemy creates trouble.
South-                        West Disagreement with the son.
South-                        West Fear of death.
Center of the House     Causes Heavy monetary losses

Windows: -These should be opposite to the doors so that both the positive and negative cycles could be completed. This provides happiness and progress to the family.

Watch & Ward: - The guard- room is always constructed by the main gate. Its height should never be more than seven feet.

Weights & Equipment:- For these the South-West direction is considered to be the best.

Yoga & Meditation:- These should always be done in the open and in the North-East direct.

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"Please send me the vastu tips for main gate"
Posted By:  SK.SINGH
"Your tip for the bathroom(Toilet Seat/Camod) not satisfactory, please expail in detail Bathroom: - It should be in the West and South directions and the flow of its drains should be towards North-East. Commode should be South or West facing."
Posted By:  Pankaj
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