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Vastu for Home Temple

Temple is associate degree integral a part of Indian homes and most of the home-owner takes this precaution of keeping things in line with Vastu. Vastu lays down specific rules and norms relating to home temple as a result of if it's made in wrong place, then inmates won't enjoy the veneration. to form your veneration and pooja effective for god’s endless and constant blessings build your pooja space at correct and Vastu compliant place.
Home temple ought to be designed properly and cautiously as temples aren't the matter of sanctity however they relate U.S. our emotions with God and cosmos. so to induce positive vibrations and edges from pooja, home temple ought to be tributary to Vastu. Some Vastu tips for home temple are:
Vastu for Home Temple
Temple ought to be placed higher in order that God feet should return to the amount of devotee’s chest.
Keeping God’s idol that is over ten inches is taken into account inauspicious.
Always keep some insulation whereas praying or sitting within the temple like mat or carpet.
Home temple is good in wood whereas marble made temples also are thought-about applicable.
Wooden temples should have dome at the highest.
Do not keep temple on the ground directly as a result of this suggests disrespect of Gods. forever lay some foundation before keeping the temple thereon.
Dia within the temple ought to be lit in South-east.
Do no keep late ancestor’s image in home temple as a result of this fashion we tend to solely disrespecting God and cosmos.
Home temple ought to be ideally placed in North-east corner that is additionally called Ishaan corner and different is East which suggests putting in East facing West.
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