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Vastu Career Tips

Vastu Career Tips for college students
The study table ought to be rectangular or sq. in form and of token size.
Allow positive energy to flow; keep a distance between the study table and wall
For higher concentration, place the study table facing the North or East.
Maximum windows within the lecture room ought to be created within the North of East direction.
The North, East and North-East direction is taken into account the most effective to stack books; thus keep the shelf in this corner.
A brightly-lit lamp ought to be positioned on the South-East corner, whereas the colour of the area ought to be delicate and of sunshine tint
Vastu Career Tips for Professionals
For writers, artists and analysis intellectuals, the most effective location is to sit down on the rear of the walls, keeping long way from the doorway.
The workplace table ought to be rectangular or square; avoid irregular or circular shapes.
Keeping a ball on the table channelizes a cheerful ambiance and promotes the financial flow.
Wooden desks ar best to figure upon; glass prime tables ought to be placed within the West.
Always seat facing the north and illuminate the southern corner of the workplace or your space
Vastu Tips for Wealth and Prosperity
Keep the north direction positive and energetic as a result of it's the middle of God of wealth and helps in sustaining forces that drive wealth.
Obstructing the north and east region will hinder your earning capability and cash flow, increasing your expenses.
Keep the north-east corner of your home clean and open, and free from any obstruction. If potential build it the place for worship.
Don’t construct over-head tank in north-east direction make sure that your entrance or house exterior door isn't blocked by any wire, pole, pit or alternative things.
Vastu Tips for Your Rooms
Being owner of the house, one should keep within the southwest corner space instead he/she lose the management power step by step
If someone is introvert and back, and lacks confidence, disbursal time in south east corner rooms can facilitate lots
Keep the rooms within the north-east corner for uncontrollable kids or aggressive folks. it'll keep them calm, serving to in obtaining eliminate negative energies
Don’t offer the north-west rooms to your tiny youngsters instead they won’t be ready to specialize in their studies 
Vastu Tips permanently Behavior
The south-east corner is dominated by fire; thus, folks ought to be from living during this direction as a result of it tends to form folks assertive and aggressive.
North-west space is nice for unwed kids, particularly ladies. However, for little youngsters, they won’t be ready to think about studies or folks living here can continually air the move.
Resting kids in southwest direction will build them proud and adamant.
People associated with teachers ought to pay longer in east to boost information.
Vastu recommendation for your piece of furniture
Avoid irregular piece of furniture shapes like circle, triangular or oval. the most effective form is rectangular or sq..
Ideally, piece of furniture ought to be placed in an exceedingly south or west direction
Make sure that you just keep three inches distance between your piece of furniture and walls to permit positive energy to flow
Dining table ought to be positioned in an exceedingly northwest direction of the room or front room.
The bed ought to be in south-west direction.
The study table ought to be in east or north
Keep away litter from your piece of furniture
Vastu Tips for your Business
To get eliminate negative forces and channelize positive vibes to boost wealth and growth in business, tie a string of silver or gold coins round the God of Wealth for a number of days and so wear it around your neck or place it within the work for booming businesses. an equivalent may be achieved by attachment the string around Lord Hindu deity or god Laxmi and so putting it within the work.
The entrance to the business ought to be from the side.
More open areas within the North and East compared to West and South.
Placing a bubbler within the North or North-East section can increase prosperity.
The owner of the business ought to sit within the South West corner of the business.
Place product to be oversubscribed straightaway within the North West corner of the business.
Make offices in North East portion of the business for exhausting operating loyal staff
Vastu Tips for achievement
Never hinder the East or North-East region of your home or workplace
Always face the East or North whereas operating, eating, observance tv or sitting. Scientific studies have shown that sitting facing East or North will increase the alpha activity on the brain wave pattern.
North is that the direction of never-say-die growth and success in life; thus workplace employees and people ought to face North whereas operating
If your entrance is within the South or West, make sure that there's no balcony or open house there
Sleep with your head towards the South and feet towards the North. this can end in relaxing sleep and additionally enhance physiological condition and energy.
Vastu Tips for Prosperity
Ensure that your entrance or exterior door is within the North or East direction, and not barred by inapplicable things
It is suggested to make the main bedroom within the South-West direction
The room ought to be ideally within the South-East direction and therefore the contender direction is North-West.
The best direction for overhead tanks is South-West, whereas for underground water tanks it's North-East. this is able to facilitate in reconciliation the energies around your home or workplace and beat back stress and unhappiness
Vastu recommendation for go to or Prayer
According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, the North-East direction is good for go to or prayer.
The image of god or immortal mustn't face the South direction.
Make sure that you just face either East or West whereas praying or go to. One factor is most significant whereas building your prayer space i.e. it mustn't be in shut proximity to the front room.
Don’t place Ganesh idols in an exceedingly manner that you just see it after you enter the home; instead it ought to be placed within the interior so you'll see the idol after you leave your home. you'll additionally place photos of Laxmi seated on a lotus on your exterior door. 
Vastu Tips for bedchamber
For bedrooms, the South or South-West direction is best.
Make sure that there's no bedchamber within the South-East direction as this tends to extend anger within the inmate and deprives them from a sound sleep thanks to that they're at risk of build wrong choices.
The bed ought to be placed in such a fashion that it's head within the East or South direction.
Avoid putting plants or water options within the bedchamber. There ar bound colours that tend to form folks aggressive and adamant, best is to avoid them.
Vastu recommendation for room
Make sure that the room is positioned within the South-East direction. The faucet ought to be within the North-Eastern region since it's dominated by water.
Face of the person preparation ought to be continually be towards the East.
If potential try and have the stone for preparation food in red color.
The room ought to be within the Southern a part of your home. Store grains and alternative connected commodities within the room with cabinets.
Make sure that the peak of the area is 12-14 feet to permit positive forces to flow freely into your room. 
Vastu recommendation permanently Health
Always have it away your head towards East or South
Place the bed three inches off from the wall
When you eat your meals, face East or North
Never sleep or sit underneath associate exposed beam
Don’t keep exposed mirrors at home; cowl all mirrors, TV screens and laptop computer when use
Avoid building the room in North-East direction because it will produce health issues in ladies
Don’t build the room or bathroom together; guarantee there's ample distance between each the rooms 
Vastu Tips to safeguard Your Home from Evil
Doors in your home ought to be in even variety like two, 4, 6, eight and 12; avoid ten as a result of it's inauspicious
Make sure that you just have single doors facing North or East; South is inauspicious
Doors will have footage of god Laxmi sitting on lotus with alternative accessories
Ensure that the doorway is free from all obstructions
You can keep ornamental items of images of sacred image like emblem, Om, Laxmi and Ganesh to eliminate negative forces 
Vastu recommendation to stop thievery
Don’t keep money and alternative valuables within the NorthWest corner because it will increase the prospect of thievery
The main door or entrance ought to be larger than doors of alternative rooms within the house; it ought to even have two gap shutters
Avoid circular, slanted or slippy gates
Don’t droop evil footage because it symbolizes destruction
Vastu Shastra and Happy Married Life
Avoid victimization dark shades on the bedchamber wall
Newlyweds mustn't sleep in North East space as this affects fruitful systems.
The best space for married couples is that the NorthWest
Use one pad within the bedchamber
Make sure that you just have solely an ideal sq. or parallelogram formed bed
If you add in new pillows or artifacts, pass away in pairs for necessary
Try to avoid having mirrors within the bedchamber
Avoid having any litter within the bedchamber
Place crystals within the bedchamber and alternative rooms close to you; it promotes tranquility, peace and understanding in relationships 
Vastu Tips for workplace
to keep the house within the North clean and open
Keep the property associated cash in an almirah or a security deposit lock facing the North
Make sure that there's no boring or driven well, pit, or underground tank within the South direction, that is harmful for finance
Keep associate storage tank with nine cyprinid fish and one black fish within the NorthEast corner of your workplace
Building a bubbler within the North-East space of the workplace is incredibly sensible for achievement and harmony
Keep a ball on the work table to eliminate all negative forces
Vastu recommendation for Well being and Prosperity
To have sound sleep in the dark, keep mobile phones and alternative gadgets off from your bed
Don’t sleep or sit underneath associate exposed beam
For good health and well being, continually have it away the top towards South or East
Don’t keep your mirrors exposed in your home
Make sure there's no useful place or space below or over the lavatory and room
Adorn the North-East corner of the your target green; it’s thought-about auspicious
Vastu Tips to think about Before shopping for a Plot
Before you purchase a plot, certify it's a fertile land with ample leaf.
A stream or water canal situated on the North with water flowing from West to East may be a sensible sign.
If there's sensible quantity of earth, hills, huge boulders, towards the SouthWest, West, or South, it's sensible to shop for the plot. certify that there's no topographic point, burial ground or burying ground near the plot.
Make sure that the plot is rectangular or sq. in form and aligned to cardinal directions.
Vastu Tips for various Departments in workplace
To ensure success and growth in several aspects, the seat arrangement for the executives, director, and managers ought to be in South, West, and South-Western direction of the workplace.
The accounts department ought to be within the SouthEast direction.
The ideal place for the reception is within the NorthEastern direction of the workplace premise. certify that the central portion of the workplace is unbroken empty and clean.
The managing director’s space ought to have an oblong table to usher in the finances. it's additionally counseled to possess the selling team within the NorthWest direction. If there's any storage room within the workplace, certify that it's within the NorthWest or SouthEast direction.
Effective Vastu recommendation for plant or Industries
The main gate or the doorway of the plant ought to be within the East, North or North-East direction of the plot
All alternative doors of the plant ought to be positioned on the North-East, East, North, or North-West direction
There should be associate open house within the North-East aspect of the plot to permit positive forces to flow in
The guardroom of the plant ought to be positioned within the North-West of the Northern gate and South-East of the japanese gate
The store of the plant ought to be within the South-West
The administrative division ought to be within the North or East 
Important Vastu Tips for Your Home
Make sure that the rooms ar sq. or parallelogram in form, and not irregular
The rooms ought to be light, clean and ethereal
Avoid keeping plants and water options within the bedchamber. Mirrors ought to even be avoided in bedrooms
Heavy stairs and structure ought to be within the South West direction
Place an image of bright sunrise within the Southern wall of the front room
The ideal position of go to is facing the East or West direction
Place associate storage tank within the North-East corner within the front room
Vastu recommendation for your rest room
The position of your rest room additionally plays a major role in guaranteeing physiological condition, prosperity and upbeat in your home.
The toilet should be South or West facing; ne'er build the lavatory within the japanese direction. The flow of drains ought to be towards the North or East.
The WC seat ought to be North-South facing so you face towards the South or West.
Consider these factors whereas building your rest room and this can facilitate the positive forces to play actively in your home, eliminating the negative vibes and influences. 
Best Position for your feeding space
According to Vastu, the perfect position for the feeding space is within the South-East direction.
Make sure that you just and your members of the family eat the food facing the East or South.
The room and feeding space ought to air an equivalent floor and may be adjacent to the room from the left.
The entrance to the feeding space and therefore the exterior door mustn't face one another. it's additionally necessary that the table is sq. or rectangular in form and may not be hooked up to the wall.
Where ought to totally different rooms be positioned in your home?
The North-East corner of the house is good for the prayer space, ensuring that you just face East or West whereas go to.
The South-West direction ought to have the bedchamber of the top of the family, whereas if it's quite one floor, it ought to be situated on the highest floor.
The kids’s space ought to be within the West or North-West direction to make sure that children have a much better concentration of study.
Where to Position Water Tanks in your Home?
The underground storage tank ought to be within the North, North-East, or East direction because it brings prosperity and happiness. However, if you've got it within the South-East or South direction, it will cause harm to the son or the spouse of the owner.
The overhead storage tank ought to be positioned within the South, South-West direction. certify that the tank is within the West of South-West or North-West direction. Considering these factors whereas building your home or workplace will forestall you and your family from falling prey to the harmful impact of negative forces.
Make the doorway of your Home huge
The entrance of your home or the exterior door is that the entry of wealth and prosperity. consistent with the principles of Vastu Shastra, if you retain your entrance gate larger, then it paves the means for positive forces to flow into your home and fill your life happily and prosperity. certify that the exterior door of your house is larger in size than the doors of alternative rooms in your home.
How to safeguard your Home or workplace from Negative Energy?
Make sure that the most door is greater than alternative doors within the house, workplace or plant
Keep footage of Laxmi seated on lotus to let positive energies, wealth and prosperity flow in, eliminating the evil and negative forces
The doors mustn't be in an exceedingly line
Don’t have footage of evil, one thing aggressive, or shipwreck reception or workplace. it's thought-about inauspicious
Don’t keep {the space|the space|the space} within the South-West area as servant’s room because it tends to vary them towards evil or thievery 
What ought to be the Position of piece of furniture and alternative things in your Home?
Every living associated non-living being generates an energy that affects the life in several ways that. Hence, Vastu Shastra provides the principles for putting totally different things in your target the proper manner to possess the most effective impact.
Try to keep all furniture in an exceedingly square or rectangle shape instead of irregular shapes.
Things ought to be placed ideally within the South or West direction.
Avoid litter close to the piece of furniture to permit the positive energies discharged from such non-living being to flow freely in life.
Make sure that every one chairs, beds, sofas, and alternative things ar placed as per the Vastu principles. 
Effective Vastu Tips to Drive Finances
Keep the North-East corner of the house or workplace free from any kind of construction, and keep the house clean and open
The North is that the center of wealth and prosperity. So keep this vibrant, energetic and well-lighted to permit positive energies raise finances
To trigger up finances, keep your home litter free and clean
The entrance or front door ought to not be barred by something such as pole, wire, ditch.
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