Rangwali Holi

Rangwali Holi
This year's Rangwali Holi

Wednesday, 08 Mar - 2023

Rangwali Holi (Dhulendi) ~धुलेंडी in the Year 2023 will be observed on 08th March, 2023 

The main day, Holi, also known as Dhuli in Sanskrit, or Dhulheti, Dhulandi or Dhulendi, is celebrated by people throwing scented powder and perfume at each other. Dhulendi's celebration is also having its medical reasons. It is the time weather change and in change of season there is many possibilities of diseases; so people are avoiding those diseases by applying medicine colors on each other like Termeric, Neem, Kum-Kum, Kesar and Bilva.

Thus, these medicine natural and herbal colors are protecting our body for various diseases. Dhuledi is a favorite festival of all age groups and specially, between friends, husband-wife, dever (husband's brother) - bhabhi (brother's wife) are enjoying the most.

On this days, everyone is trying to find out some special trick to color other person and after applying the colors people says, “Bura Naa Manoo Holi Hai”. The sons, daughter in-laws and kids are applying abeer-gulaal on the feet of the senior family members and then by touching their feet getting blessings from them.

Dhulendi is celebrating differently in different parts of the India. On this occasion many regional songs, musical plays and dances are performed. After playing colors in day time, at night people are meeting each other and exchanging greetings. Special sweet Gujhia is prepared in North Indian region.

Mathura, Varanasi and Barsana are the famous places and have their own special type of Holi. In Mathura, young boys are breaking Curd Pichers hanging on a height, placed by young girls. Vrindavan is the sacred place of Lord Krishna. The Barsana's Dandiya (bamboo) Holi is famous. On this day in Barsana, ladies are beating gents with the bamboo sticks and hiding their faces by veil; and gents are saving themselves by shield.

The whole country (India) is colored in the color of friendship and love. It is a biggest festival which is celebrated by all religions.
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