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Causes and Symptoms of Goiter


A disease of the thyroid gland, goiter is a condition which causes swelling at the back of the neck. The size of the swelling ranges from being very small to a visible one. It might turn out to be a very large one. The major causes of goiter are deficiency of iodine in the diet and physical and emotional disturbances. The most common symptom of goiter is the enlargement or swelling of the thyroid gland. Other symptoms include loss of concentration, mood swings, emotionally upset, irritation and even depression. The treatment of the goiter depends on the size and cause of the goiter swelling. Inflamed goiter is painful but if the enlargement is too large, it may also cause difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Goiter can be treated at home. In the following lines, we provide the natural treatments for curing goiter.

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