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Yagya and Puja

Yajya and Puja are traditional forms of Vedic worship to specific Deities or planets.  his method of astrological remedy is emphasized on the classical Jyotish scriptures.  God is the ultimate controller of the planets and dispenser of karma, and everything is possible under his/her grace. There is a very advance knowledge in the Vedic tradition about how to invoke a specific Deity or one of the manifestations or powers of God trough the proper ritual and mantras.  y this act, the Deity representing the planet is invoked, invited to come and is served by offerings of a special seat, foods, flowers, clothing, water, milk, ornaments, jewels, light, fire, incense, and other sacred objects. There are specific powerful mantras in the form of Vedic hymns for invoking those energies. 

The sincerity of the worshipper in wanting to purify his mind and ego is very important.  The Puja is a simpler ritual that any person with a little training and sincere intention can do, whereas the Yagyas are more sophisticated and elaborate rituals which should be conducted by a traditional Vedic priest, who does the offerings and rituals in the name of the worshipper is important to say that from the Yogic point of view, the highest for of worship is when the intention is to surrender totally to God’s will, without expecting anything.   In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says that the worship of gods with the sole purpose to fulfill the material personal desires is done by people of “small intelligence”.  The highest devotee prays: “Thy will be done, my lord”, please give me that which is for my highest good and not just what my ignorant mind wants!

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