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Remedies for Stable Job
 1.Sit in Sun during first half hour of Sun rise.....Mediation and Pray to Sun in Calm posture. 
2.Apply Saffron or Turmeric powder (as tilak or small dot)on forehead for continuos 43 days daily.
3.Feed food(Lunch) to 10 Monks Every year before birthday, Do not give Money.
4.Donate Three Bananas in Temple, church  or religious place for 43 Days daily.
  When is Ahoi Ashtami, 21 October 2019, Monday
  Rama Ekadashi, 24 October 2019, Thursday
  Dhanteras, 25 October 2019, Friday
  When is Naraka Chaturdashi 2019, 26 October 2019, Saturday
  When is Diwali 2019, 27 October 2019, Sunday
  Govardhan Puja 2019 Date, 28 October 2019, Monday
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