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Black magic refers to use of SUPERNATURAL POWERS for evil and selfish purposes. Black magic is the opposite of white magic in which people heal and do benefit of others whereas black magic is done for harming others for some selfish motives.

Lets us read some real stories based on black magic.                                                                                                                                            

  • This, story is of Pennsylvania in 1929, where there was a baby. The baby had had a high fever and no matter what they did, nobody could bring it down.

 One night, there was a knock on the door, and in stepped a man who told the family that there                       had been a curse placed on the baby by someone else in the family who was very jealous of her. He said he could bring the fever down and break the curse, but if he did so, the witch who cast the curse would die.

The family hardly believed his story and didn.t know anyone who was a witch, but they were desperate, so they let the man in to try. The strange man prayed over the baby all night and seemed to have gone into some sort of trance at stages.

The next morning, the baby was healthy and the curse had been broken. The overjoyed family thanked the man and he departed, leaving them with the chilling words, "Now someone else in your family is dead."

The family didn.t know who the man was and never saw him again, but were so relieved that the baby wasn.t sick anymore that the aunt went around to all the family.s relatives to relay the good news. But to her horror, when she walked in to her mother and father.s home, the stepsister (of the baby with the fever,) was hanging by a rope from the chandelier.

She was the only one in the family that died, and so the family had to assume that she was the witch that cast the spell.

  • Now lets read another story ,

DEATH CAUSED BY BLACK MAGIC                            

A 30-year-old man allegedly killed his wife and three children before immolating himself in a slum area in Kothrud in the early hours of Thursday. The bodies of his 25-year-old wife and seven-year-old daughter were found in his newly constructed one-room house, while those of his three-year-old son and another daughter, aged five years, were found at a nearby dumping ground where the man appears to have set himself on fire.

The man was identified as Parshuram, who was from Benale village in Gulbarga district of Karnataka, his wife Jamuna, daughters Payal and Manisha and son Karan. Parshuram brother found the bodies.

Parshuram younger brother Sharanappa who stays nearby had got up to answer nature.s call at around 3.30 am. He saw the door of Parshuram.s newly built house ajar and the bodies of Jamuna and Payal lying on the floor. Parshuram and the two other children were not in the house. Sharanappa alerted Jamuna mother who stays in the same slum.

 “Sharanappa went to Jamuna mother Kasturbai, who stays in the same slum, and both started a search. Sharanappa went to check whether Parshuram had gone to the nearby dumping ground where people of the area go to answer nature.s call and saw smoke at one spot. There he found the burnt body of Parshuram. Manisha and Karan.s bodies were also there. Manisha body had some burns. It seems Parshuram killed everyone by strangulating them. He later immolated himself in the dumping ground where he had taken the two kids with him. He had told his mother-in-law a day earlier that someone had done black magic on him and he was afraid he will be killed. The act seems to be the fallout of this superstition. No one in the family was educated. The family was poor.”

Shailesh, Parshuram.s friend who stays next door said, “We heard no noise or commotion during the night. Parshuram was a hardworking man and had no dispute with anyone. We never heard of any dispute within the family.” Jamunas mother Kasturbai said, “He came to me on Wednesday and asked if I could take him to someone who can save him from black magic done on him. He was afraid he will be killed and someone will take away his kidneys. I assured him nothing would happen and promised to take him to a doctor the next day.

These were the ill effects of BLACK MAGIC.

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" जीवन में उतारने वाली जानकारी देने के लिए धन्यवाद । कई लोग तो इस संबंध में कुछ जानते ही नहीं है । ऐसे लोगों के लिए यह अत्यन्त शिक्षा प्रद जानकारी है ।"
Posted By:  संतोष ठाकुर
"om namh shivay..."
Posted By:  krishna
"guruji mein shri balaji ki pooja karta hun krishna muje pyare lagte lekin fir mein kahi se ya mandir mein jata hun to lagta hai har bhagwan ko importance do aur ap muje mandir aur gar ki poja bidi bataye aur nakartmak vichar god ke parti na aaye"
Posted By:  vikaskrishnadas
"वास्तु टिप्स बताएँ ? "
""jai maa laxmiji""
Posted By:  Tribhuwan Agrasen
"यह बात बिल्कुल सत्य है कि जब तक हम अपने मन को निर्मल एवँ पबित्र नही करते तब तक कोई भी उपदेश ब्यर्थ है"
Posted By:  ओम प्रकाश तिवारी
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