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» Dont Look for a Master,Be a Good Seeker 

Dont Look for a Master,Be a Good Seeker

Dont Look for a Master,Be a Good SeekerInformation related to Dont Look for a Master,Be a Good Seeker.

I read the story of a man who was looking for a guru - master. He saw an ascetic sitting under a tree and went close to him. “Can you tell me who is the best guru as I am looking for one.” The mahatma - sage replied, “Well, what can I say! You can search and maybe you will find the best guru.” The man started his journey from there and went to many distant places; months changed to years. Where ever he went, whomsoever he met, he was never satisfied. Every guru he met said that it was not easy to find a perfect Master. Who can define a perfect guru, a complete Master? Maybe one who does not want to make anyone his disciple. And even if you find such a person - one who is not even ready to accept you as a disciple, will he show you the path? And if the guru will not, then who will?

There are many questions related to this. It is quite a tricky thing. It is very easy to go into deep silence after enlightenment. I believe many Masters have chosen to remain silent and never speak about their attainment.

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